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The team at Avian UAS are industry experts in high-quality image, video and data capture solutions in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane and Adelaide. 

Our proven workflows and state-of-the-art equipment deliver safe, accurate and efficient services in professional photography and video production, asset inspections, land surveying, mapping and 3D modelling.

Our team pride themselves in solving real-world problems using our collective drive, knowledge and experience. 


Common problems we solve for our clients:

Meaningful data to make better decisions: Clients are lacking accurate, relevant or recent data to inform decisions i.e. roof condition, defects on buildings or structures, how much volume of material in a stockpile? How large are the expected repairs? What does the site actually look like today?

Risk avoidance: Avoid lengthy permits, planning and putting workers safety at risk by using our robots to undertake dull, dirty or dangerous work in accessing difficult or dangerous situations on the ground or in the air. 

Reduce costs: Avoid inaccurate estimates or claims by contractors by obtaining accurate information about the condition of worksites, buildings, structures, etc. Avoid costly repairs and rework by inspecting the condition before and after repairs and maintenance.

Save time/improve productivity: Our staff can be deployed across 5 states in Australia within hours to obtain immediate and high-level information about your site, asset, event or project. We save your company time and money by conducting tasks that previously took longer or are more difficult for employees. i.e. aerial surveying of large land areas, visual inspection of difficult to reach positions, site condition to provide live information on the entire worksite, site assets or project status.

Be the best: We promote your company in the most professional and high-calibre way by using our expertise in photography, filming, and video production. Your brand and business will be shown to your market in the best possible way that sets your business well above the competition.


We do more than just take pictures. We confidently deliver to our client’s usable data to improve decision making efficiency in a fraction of the time and risk of more traditional methods.

We confidently save your business time and costs, improve safety and minimize project and people risk.

Talk to us today about ways we support your project, business and wider enterprise operations.

Our Clients include