Avian UAS specialise in the utilisation of commercial UAV technology for data capture, aerial photography, aerial videography, site, asset and building inspections, land surveying, land mapping, 3D modelling and surveillance applications.

Avian UAS - Videography & Photography - Drone Services


We specialise in creating stunning aerial cinematography and capturing breathtaking aerial images. Using state-of-the-art cameras we help to make the unimaginable into a visual reality. We offer high-altitude photography using aircraft that UAVs simply can’t capture and more traditional ground based photography. Avian UAS optimise the unique aerial perspective for TV and Film, Corporate Videos, Marketing and Events.

Avian UAS - Building Inspections - Drone Services


Avian UAS conduct site, asset and building inspections for engineering, construction and industrial sectors. Streaming live HD video to engineers on the ground we work in some of the most difficult and dangerous environments. Our customised aerial platforms deliver real-time information and detailed reporting for preventative maintenance, defect identification and repairs or restoration work using accurate, close proximity flights. Applications include: site assessments, PPE and safety audits, progress reporting and non-destructive inspections on buildings, construction sites, bridges, towers, dam infrastructure, pipelines and historic monuments.

Avian UAS - Mapping - Drone Services


Using the latest UAV technology and post production workflows we conduct aerial surveying, mapping and 3D modelling allowing clients to view and measure accurate site or asset data, geo-referenced orthomosaics, digital terrain models and volumetric surveys. Your company can accurately take measurements, calculate area or volumes and plan a project at each phase using the data we provide in a fraction of the time and cost of more traditional methods.

Avian UAS - Security - Drone Services


We provide aerial surveillance and monitoring of industrial and commercial sites for clients using HD low light camera sensors. We can deploy faster and can see more than ground based patrols. All streamed and recorded live to an operator safely out of danger. Talk to us about how we can complement your existing security services.



The team at Avian UAS have years of combined experience in the design, building and deployment of UAS technology for specific use cases. We work closely with each client to define and understand the problem statement, analyse and assess the best options, then recommend the most suitable solution. For difficult solutions we collaborate with selected third parties who strategically partner with Avian UAS to deliver on more complex specifications.

Why use Avian?

Experience: Our pilots have minimum 4 years flight experience and are competent safely operating UAVs in difficult situations and confined spaces, allowing us to get closer to the target or to capture that award winning shot.

Service: We are an agile business and specialists in data acquisition and processing. We pride ourselves on exceptional customer service, quality, reliability, safety and fast delivery while forging strong, sustainable relationships.

Quality: We produce only high quality results and reporting. Our team spend the time to interpret and process the data so you can spend your time making timely and informed decisions in your business.

Solutions: We can design and build custom aerial solutions for clients to deliver on difficult, dangerous or complex assignments. Ask us today about our in-flight projects.

Guarantee: We are confident in our capability and the quality of our services that we will supply all agreed deliverables to your expectations. If you are not satisfied with the quality and accuracy of our products we will replace them at no cost to you.