Avian UAS capture data to enable you to solve real-world problems.

To make informed decisions on risk mitigation, cost avoidance and safety assessment, you need the most accurate information.

Our team of highly skilled operators supply you with industry-specific knowledge and data that allow you to make the right call when it matters. We use our intelligence and creative thinking to develop a solution that exceeds your expectations and increases productivity while reducing costs.

Working with us, you’ll gain access to our proven onsite project management systems, safe work procedures, qualified experience and high-grade equipment to deliver:

  • quality images, video and video production;
  • asset, site and building inspections;
  • land surveying and mapping;
  • 3D laser scanning; and
  • 3D models of the built environment

Avian can supply you with the information you need to make the best decisions.

It’s our mission to solve the problems you face. We work with clients to push through barriers that have stalled their productivity and efficiency.

We understand the common situations you experience and can provide a solution that works. Some examples include:

Using data to inform the decision-making process: It’s not uncommon to lack accurate, relevant or recent data to inform the key decisions you need to make. Incorrect information can lead to costly mistakes and jeopardise your project success, such as structural condition, building defects or the extent of facade deterioration. We have the technological equipment and expertise to provide a safe and efficient alternative to manual inspections.

Mitigating the risks of a project: None of your staff want to undertake dirty or dull work, nor do you want to place them in a dangerous situation. With Avian UAS you keep staff safe and satisfied by utilising our equipment to remotely operate in a confined space or high in the air. We oversee projects from start to completion and manage traffic and pedestrian interference, including council permits and approvals.

Reducing unforeseen costs: Unfortunately, unscrupulous contractors can be common. They can overestimate repair works in the knowledge you can’t validate or see the extent of the repairs or the work conducted. With Avian, you’ll obtain accurate quality assurance about the actual work delivered versus what is claimed. Costly repairs and rework can be avoided by conducting inspections before, during and after maintenance and contractor works.

Increasing productivity: We’re an agile team and operate in five Australian states. We can arm you with real-time information about your site, asset, event or project within a matter of hours. We come to the site with the equipment and required skills to survey large land areas, visually inspect hard to reach positions or accurately measure and calculate site features and dimensions.

Building a powerful knowledge-base: We give you live information on site conditions, asset deterioration, workforce activities and project status to allow you to make better decisions. This will ultimately save you time and money, and avoid costly delays.

Avian UAS is yet to meet a complex problem they didn’t want to solve. We’d love to hear yours.


Photography and Video

Asset and Site Inspection

Land Surveying and Mapping

3D Laser Scanning

Video Production


Site Plans and Drawings

3D Models